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16 Bob’s Burgers Fan Theories Which Are Simply Crazy Sufficient To Be Real

16 Bob’s Burgers Fan Theories Which Are Simply Crazy Sufficient To Be Real

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Bob’s Burgers is promoting an intense group of followers which includes spawned some crazy fan theories. There is simply one thing therefore extremely refreshing about the show — whether it is Tina Belcher’s unique views on feminism, Linda’s objective to love and nurture her childrens’ quirks, or Gene’s undeniable musical capability. Several of those Bob’s Burgers conspiracy theories highlight the Belchers’ oddities, helping them rank as you of TV’s most modern families, but other people remain Bob’s Burgers secrets. Really, things take a dark turn really quickly when you are getting to the depths of Reddit.

With great appeal comes fan that is great. It really is occurred along with of Bob’s Burgers’ predecessors, such as the Simpsons and King for the Hill. But how can these theories really rank? These fan theories about Bob’s Burgers might help you to definitely think beyond the top aspects of the show.

Theoretically, A italian restaurant and burger joint would not really compete, so just why does Jimmy Pesto hate Bob Belcher a great deal? One fan concept by Redditor Sveenee alleges it is because he is jealous.

Jimmy Pesto’s meals is basically terrible despite their success. Additionally it is recommended Jimmy is divorced from their wife, in which he despises their youngsters’ eccentricities.

This is actually the opposite of Bob, who is a excellent chef and never ever compromises their integrity. Their spouse and family members love him plus they all accept each other since they are. This leads to a complete large amount of resentment in Jimmy Pesto, since all he actually needs to count on is their restaurant. He describes their self-worth solely through monetary success.

A nearby Massachusetts radio section delivered the idea that is wild Bob’s Burgers is really located in brand New Bedford, Massachusetts. The newest England environment, but, does create a specific types of sense. The show’s creator, Loren Bouchard, stated the show occurs into the Northeast.

He imagines it somewhere in New Jersey, or the outer boroughs of New York City (think Coney Island), there’s plenty of evidence to show it’s actually further north though he said. As an example, the city within the show includes a Lobsterfest, which may be typical for a New that is small England and less frequent in nj-new jersey.

Furthermore, the Wagstaff center class activities group is called the Whalers, the name that is same brand brand brand New Bedford tall’s group. Whales, whale-watching, and cruising are much more widespread the much deeper you will get into brand brand brand New England.

Turning out to be your mom is a fairly fear that is common a tween girl. Nine-year-old Louise never ever eliminates her bunny cap, and fans think she actually is making use of this to distract by herself through the proven fact that she is the same as her mother. The video can be seen by you description by ChannelFrederator.

Louise and Linda look nearly the same. That they even have the same haircut if you look beneath Louise’s hat, you’ll find. Nonetheless, the set possesses rocky relationship (albeit one constructed on unconditional love). Within the episode “Mother Daughter Laser Razor, ” Linda admits that Louise has constantly liked Bob better. She actually is truly a daddy’s woman, as well as casual fans for the show is able to see just how much she looks as much as Bob.

In accordance with the theory, the cap differentiates Louise from her mom, that is pretty effective considering they’d look nearly identical without it.

Bob can be in a marriage that is happy Linda, but which hasn’t stopped fans from speculating he might be bisexual. There is a lot of proof to straight back that one up, conveniently collected together by Redditor wastalkingaboutmyrug, nevertheless the biggest giveaway had been when Bob really admitted he had been “mostly straight” (implying perhaps perhaps not all-the-way straight) in a Thanksgiving episode.

Into the episode, Bob keeps destroying the Thanksgiving turkey as he’s sleepwalking. He’s to therefore regularly get back to the food store to purchase more turkeys. As he is here, a deli worker begins flirting as an excuse to chat with him and insisting that Bob doesn’t need to buy the turkeys and is using it.

To the end for the episode, the deli worker says he left their boyfriend, and begs Bob to hightail it with him. Bob claims he would ponder over it if he had beenn’t married, and admits he is “mostly right. ” He eventually ends up making the countertop, keeping the worker that is deli therefore out of their league it would not work.

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